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Mission and Vision Statement   - Annual Report 2015   - SubCen Newsletter Jan 2016


The Groton CollageGBA is an affiliate of the Greater Mystic Chamber of Commerce. In collaboration with the Greater Mystic Chamber of Commerce, the GBA is the most active affiliated group of any chamber of commerce in Eastern CT.

We are a cross section of local business and civic leaders from throughout Greater Groton working together to help enhance the economic vitality of the Groton Business Community. Groton is geographically defined by the Thames and Mystic Rivers and our area of influence ranges from ‘river to river’

People you know, people who are in business just like you - people who are networking, making contacts, and improving their own business prospects as they work to improve yours, run Groton Business Association.

The GBA hosts monthly networking meetings at businesses in Groton and features guest speakers on topics of general interest and relevant to business in our community. Meet others who have made the commitment to doing business in Groton and have much to share about strategies for success.

GBA liaison memberships on municipal commissions such as Town of Groton EDC and City of Groton ECDC, along with regional groups including the Airport Advisory Committee and Thames River Heritage Park provide a pathway to keep our members informed on current news and developments in venues that effect businesses throughout Greater Groton, and to advocate for the business community.

There are no membership or meeting fees for the GBA. If you are doing business, work at a business, or want to do business in Groton, you are already a member. All are welcome.

We want your participation. Please join us!

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The GBA is governed by a Steering Committee that meets bi-monthly to guide the direction of our organization, set policy and oversee special projects.

We host one annual fundraising event, the Groton Fall Festival, which in turn funds the Annual Groton Holiday Lights Parade along with other selected community projects.

The GBA Events Committee meets monthly throughout the year to organize our two major events, the Fall Festival and Holiday Lights Parade. Many committee members choose the event of greatest interest to them and focus their effort on that one.

Periodically, additional Committees are formed to develop and implement special projects such as the Groton Guide and GBA Banner Project.

We encourage GBA members to consider taking a greater role by joining any of our committees as a way to help further our influence in the success of Groton’s business community. Please contact us to find out more! 

GBA Calendar of Meetings



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