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The Groton Business Association (GBA) is an affiliate of the Greater Mystic Chamber of Commerce. The GBA hosts a monthly networking event at select member businesses in the greater Groton and Mystic area. Free breakfast, a networking session, and guest speaker presentations are the traditional agenda.

The GBA meetings are open to all.


Meetings Calendar 2015 


                 May 21       *Groton Business Update*    

                                            Groton Inn & Suites

                 June 18                     Pine Island Marina

                 July 16                 Nautilus Sub Museum

                 August 20                           CURE

                 September 17          Custom Marine Canvas

                 October 15                       Catherine M

                 November 19                    SECTer


                                               GBA Annual Report     



Who the Groton Business Association Is

  • The GBA is an affiliation of the Greater Mystic Chamber of Commerce.
  • We are a cross section of local business and civic leaders in Groton.
  • Under guidance of the Greater Mystic Chamber of Commerce, the GBA is the most active affiliated group of any chamber of commerce in Eastern CT.
  • The GBA steering committee meets quarterly to focus the organization's direction.
  • Groton Business Association is run by people you know, people who are in business just like you - people who are networking, making contacts, and improving their own business prospects as they work to improve yours. Please join us.