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The GBA hosts a monthly networking event at select member businesses in the greater Groton and Mystic area. Free breakfast, a networking session, and guest speaker presentations are the traditional agenda. As a combination of local business owners and civic leaders, we come together to help enhance the economic vitality of the Groton Business Community. The Groton Business Association (GBA) is an affiliate of the Greater Mystic Chamber of Commerce. 


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Who the Groton Business Association Is

  • The GBA is an affiliation of the Greater Mystic Chamber of Commerce.
  • We are a cross section of local business and civic leaders in Groton.
  • In collaboration with the Greater Mystic Chamber of Commerce, the GBA is the most active affiliated group of any chamber of commerce in Eastern CT.
  • The GBA steering committee meets quarterly to focus the organization's direction.
  • Groton Business Association is run by people you know, people who are in business just like you - people who are networking, making contacts, and improving their own business prospects as they work to improve yours. Please join us.                                                          ariel groton                                                                                                                                                                                                           

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